A Greeting of Thanks: Dearest Sasha Sisters

cristhine 2019-12-08 18:03:45

Dearest Sasha Sisters,

First of all I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the two of you
for touching the hearts of listeners in Rainbow Radio Program..
Your energy and happy spirit-filled disposition brought a lot of light
and joy to the listeners..
For many years, all of us have been together..
I for one had a routine listening to the two of you too every Saturday and now Sunday.. You've been part of my life too in one way or another.. And I want to thank you for that..

Thank you for the joy.. Thank you for the happy voices..
Thank you for the vibrant and bright laughter..
Thank you for the cultural insights ..
And most of all thank you for being the "ice breaker" in
the program.. Through Sasha segment, the radio program
had a personal dimension or personal touch..

We owe to the two of you too the success of this radio program together with all of the people behind this program..

I wish for the two of you a very successful life ahead in terms of career and personal life..
Take this change of path as a new challenge ...
And always remember that great things are yet to come.. ^^

I wish you all the best..
And good luck..

Thank you very much..^^

Much respect and love,