Happy Birthday Mommy!♥

Uvani 2019-07-26 03:56:59

소중한 Mommy^^*,

Hope this birthday was a special, happy celebration that's close to your heart.. you had a good day, Mommy? Actually, I am still in a much excited mood, as I was all day long.. hehee :D

You know, in life you are free. I want you to be that way, Mommy. To not have strings tying you back, for you to be carefree in your heart and soul.

Mommy..I hope you will feel this inside you whilst you read:

"내 마음은 이 모든 것들보다 행복합니다.
이제야 내 삶이 시작되었으니까요
내게 사랑이 찾아왔으니까요."-- 크리스티나 로제티의 "생일"

This is one of my birthday wishes for you..^^*
I am happy that you are there, Mommy. I am happy that you were born.
Hope you smile, in a rainbow-y way ^^ ♥

생일 축하합니다 미경 엄마^^*
몸 조심하세요^^*

Bear huggggggs and kisses♥

-From your Uvani.